Resumo da Semana - 50

Links, notícias e artigos recomendados da última semana. Ainda continuam os eventos da guerra na Ucrânia, fim do YouTube Vanced, talvez a Netlix comece a cobrar mais de quem compartilha conta, 25 anos do VisualStudio, novidades do C#11, risco do fim da internet única e global e bloqueio do Telegram no Brasil.


  • Build and Deploy a Microsoft .NET Core Web API application to AWS App Runner using CloudFormation
  • Keeping Developers Will Be the Priority in Great Developer Resignation Next Stage
  • C# 11 Features Now Previewing in Visual Studio: Generic Attributes and More
  • Announcing .NET 7 Preview 2 – The New, ‘New’ Experience
  • 6 Reasons Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers
  • Write Readable Code


  • The excellent YouTube Vanced app has been shut down
  • YouTube Vanced, app popular que remove anúncios dos vídeos, chega ao fim
  • Microsoft is testing ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer
  • Rússia perde funcionários de TI e empresas miram em programadores da Ucrânia
  • Happy 25th birthday Visual Studio!
  • Netflix planeja taxa extra para usuários que compartilham suas contas
  • Bloqueio ao Telegram: Moraes manda suspender app em todo o Brasil
  • Russia is risking the creation of a “splinternet”—and it could be irreversible


  • Gaming Company Ubisoft Confirms It was Hacked, Resets Staff Passwords
  • Catching the Evasive REvil Ransomware Gang With AI
  • Ukraine is reportedly using Clearview AI’s facial recognition tech
  • Cyberattack takes down Israeli government websites
  • New CaddyWiper data wiping malware hits Ukrainian networks
  • Pandora Ransomware Hits Giant Automotive Supplier Denso
  • As Log4j Continues to Remind Us, What’s Old Is New Again
  • Mobile App Developers Leave Behind 2,100 Open Databases
  • Germany warns against using Kaspersky software citing ‘considerable’ cyber risk after Russia’s invasion
  • Ukraine: Cyberwar creates chaos, ‘it won’t win the war’
  • For the first time in history anyone can join a war’: Volunteers join Russia-Ukraine cyber fight
  • New narrative forms on Russia-Ukraine cyberwar as Viasat outage investigated
  • Facebook Hit With $18.6 Million GDPR Fine Over 12 Data Breaches in 2018
  • What Kind Of Security Tools Should I Provide My Developers?
  • New Infinite Loop Bug in OpenSSL Could Let Attackers Crash Remote Servers
  • Nasty Linux netfilter firewall security hole found
  • Popular NPM Package Updated to Wipe Russia, Belarus Systems to Protest Ukraine Invasion
  • LokiLocker ransomware could wipe your PC’s data if you don’t pay up
  • New Variant of Russian Cyclops Blink Botnet Targeting ASUS Routers
  • Russian Cyber Attacks Are Struggling to Impact Ukraine’s Networks
  • Leaked ransomware documents show Conti helping Putin from the shadows

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